Frequently asked Questions:

1. Why do classes start in October?

In setting the October deadline, we take into account that many schools in September have a plan, many changes, and additional activities. That is why we want to give our students time to rearrange it all. If accumulates the group earlier and all participants will be interested in the earlier date of take-up, then we can start classes beforehand.

2. I do not match any of the deadlines.

If you are interested in our course, just email us. Send us the days and hours in which you pasowałyby the classes-and we’ll see what you can do about it.

3. When and how much do I pay?

Payment is made on the basis of an account-bank transfer at the beginning of the month for all activities that are to be held in a given month. If you choose to cancel your classes, we will reimburse you for any unused lessons.

4. Can I cancel the course? What is the period for terminating the contract?

We are not proponents of strength solutions – if you don’t like our classes, you can opt out at any time.

5. How do I sign up for a course?

Call or write to us. By e-mail you will get feedback with details and account number-to sign up for the course, please advance in the amount of 50 zł to book a seat-this advance will be reduced by the first account

6. What about the contract? Write to us and we will send it to you by email so you can get acquainted with it. The paper contracts will be signed in the first week of the course.

7. What is a „discussion club”? The discussion club is a meeting in english once a month at various locations in the city where we discuss everything from interest to art to geopolitical. The aim of the discussion club is the substantive preparation for the oral and written exams – so that the student can broaden his general knowledge and worldview and to be able to comment on complex topics without any problems. Before each discussion club, students get to have a discussion of the questions and structures and vocabularies they can use, so that they are ready to be discussed. The discussion itself is monitored by a reader. The club is free for our students.

8. Can I participate in a discussion club without being a student?

Of course, for a nominal fee. Call us for details. Have more questions? Doubt? Call or write right now! | 574 112 348 | 574 112 349